Blaupunkt BP2.0 FHD 1080P Dash Cam Car Vehicle Camera DVR Digital Video Recorder
Tips: Touch the image to zoom.
Blaupunkt BP2.0 FHD 1080P Dash Cam Car Vehicle Camera DVR Digital Video Recorder
Tips: Touch the image to zoom.
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 First Off, Why Do You Need A Car Digital Video Recorder?

Most people buy car digital video recorders – also known as dash cams, or car cameras, or just DVR – for security reasons, but it also offers more than that. With a dash cam, you can also:

  • Prove your case in the unfortunate event of an accident
  • Report bad drivers / road rage
  • Protection for your parked vehicle
  • Protection from insurance fraud
  • Record your route and driving speed
  • Monitor your employees and vehicle fleet
  • Record holiday and weekend trips
  • Capture scenic routes
  • Share fun or unlikely events with your family, friends, or the world.


Why Blaupunkt BP2.0 FHD?
For all those reasons stated above, Blaupunkt fulfills every one of it with this brand new BP2.0 HD Digital Video Recorder, offering you the most intelligent recording in times of emergency and continuous recording function. This little supervisor records everything happening in front of it with its wide 120 degree angle lens and presents it in full HD!! It’s the best to say that Blaupunkt offers top quality video that can keep track of all the details – even at night. Also comes with a built-in microphone and speaker, it acts just like a CCTV, or even better. Impressively, it also comes with SOS mode for you to save paramount files manually by just pressing MODE button for a few seconds.

Storing footage in a micro SD card, the BP 2.0 also features loop recording – ensuring it does not stop recording even if it has run out of space. Loop recording allows the camera to automatically overwrite the oldest files on the memory card, thus enabling it to record indefinitely. You also have the option to mark parts of the footage you would like to keep with its G-sensor feature. When the G-sensor notices an impact, it will automatically mark the current footage for safekeeping. The date and time stamp also comes in handy in case you need to use your video footage as evidence. With all these features, worry no more for hit-and-run phantoms or accident records – Blaupunkt got you all covered. Also offering playback mode, you can easily view back previous recording and snapshots taken and remove the unnecessary one to free up your storage space.

What’s most important for a dash cam is its discreetness, and Blaupunkt’s BP 2.0 has just it. Coming in a small and compact design, it fits perfectly on your dashboard. The all-black colour ensures the least attention to be drawn to it, so it can safely keep an eye around your car without being noticed. Not only for recording HD videos, this device can also be set to take snapshots – which will come in handy in case of hit-and-run or encountering potential thugs


Blaupunkt in Action!

Mere words are not enough to describe Blaupunkt BP2.0 HD. If you want to catch this dash-cam in action, just watch this video over here!

The possibility is endless with Blaupunkt’s In-Car Digital Video Recorder, so what are you waiting for? Get your very own dash cam now and never miss any view, ever again! Brand new in a box and yet still comes with one year warranty. Buy with confidence!!

**Note: Please check before traveling whether the use of this DVR is permitted in your country / country of travel.



2.0” LCD Display with LED backlight module

Compact and slim in shape, this video recorder is equipped with 2.0 inch LCD Display with LED backlight module for superior viewing experience.


Wide-Angle Lens

Equipped with wide 120 degree viewing angle and 1 LUX, this little marvel will surely amazed you with its superior recording quality.


Adjustable Exposure Value

Also supporting adjustable exposure value for video and photo, capture high quality photos and videos day and even at night!!


Loop Recording

Featuring loop recording with 30 seconds, 1 minute and 2 minutes interval, this little marvel allows continuous recording of video without fail. So, it will never run out of space and continues recording!!


Motion Detection Mode

The device will automatically start recording when any object movement is detected.


Simple Installation

Comes inclusive with specialized bracket, Blaupunkt’s video recorder can be easily mounted on automobiles, motorbikes, bicycles. So, mount anywhere you desire for your safety!!



When the car brakes is hit suddenly or hit heavily, it will automatically prevent the clip from being overwritten. So, you can mark any part of the footage you desire to keep. Also features adjustable sensor levels from high, medium to low according to your preference.


Video Mode with SOS

For emergency case, you can save your file manually by simply pressing MENU key for few seconds.


Photo Shots

Upon encountering any potential threats, this little supervisor can also be used to take snapshots.



  • Seamless and Non-stop loop recording for continuous shooting of video
  • Automatically take video when the car engine is on and off upon 5s delay after the car engine is off
  • Motion Detection Shortcut Key- Automatically start recording when it detects moving objects 
  • Wide-viewing angle of 120 degree
  • Built-in microphone and speaker for audio recording
  • USB Port and comes inclusive with car charger for charging
  • Micro SD Card slot for Micro SD/SDHC/ SDXC up to 32GB (not included)
  • Support multiple video and image resolution (1080P, 720P, 480P) for superior video and image quality
  • Video mode-Audio on, exposure, video fragment length settings
  • Photo Mode-Exposure, white balance, pictures quantity and image resolution setting
  • Playback mode for viewing and deletion of unnecessary pictures and videos
  • SOS mode-Save files manually
  • Built-in G-sensor-mark any footage you like to keep for safekeeping
  • Data and Times stamping
  • 2 inch LCD display with LED backlight module



 Display  2.0 inch TFT Screen
 Image Sensor  1.0MP CMOS Sensor
 Image Resolution  12M/ 10M/ 8M/ 5MP/3MP/2MHD/VGA/1.3M
 Video Resolution 1080P/720P/480P 
 Default Resolution  Video: 1080P 
   Picture: 8M
 Format  Video Format: AVI@MJPG
   Picture Format: JPG
 G-Sensor  Off/High/Medium/Low for video
 Data Stamp  Video: On/Off Photo: Off, Date, Time
 Frames  25fps under 1080P 30 fps under 720P 1480P
 Motion Detection  Supports
 Loop Recording  Off/30s/1min/2min
 Memory Card  Micro SD Card 
 Memory Card Capacity  Maximum up to 32GB
 Output  USB 2.0
 Microphone/Speaker  Support, Built-in
 Battery Capacity  300mAh
 Lens Type  120A+ Grade High Resolution Ultra Wide-angle lens
 Focusing, Shutter and Exposure   Support
 Power Port  USB 5V 1000mA

Returns & Exchange Policy

  • 7-day return/replacement policy applies from the date customer receive the item.
  • For return/replacement claims:
  • STEP 1: Email HULALA at and provide the following details:
    • Name :
    • Contact Number :
    • Delivery Address :
    • Voucher Number :
    • Reason of return :
  • STEP 2: Upon confirmation, HULALA’s mailing address will be provided.
  • STEP 3: Faulty products must be delivered in its original packaging (including accessories, manuals, and documentation) to HULALA. Delivery costs to be covered by customer.
  • Replacement process will take place about 14 working days.
  • Return/Replacement claims which do not fulfill the steps above will not be processed due to missing information.
  • HULALA reserves the right, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this Return/Replacement Policy at anytime. Changes will be effective with no further notice provided.
  • HULALA reserves the right to refuse any return/replacement claims for any reason at any given time.

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